T11 ET Door Garage Door Remote for ET30 Opener - GW-ET-T11

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Product Overview

Package Contents

  • 1 x T11 ETDoor Remote (GW-ET-T11)


  • Radio System: ETDOOR 
  • Radio Channels: 4
  • Frequency: FM 433.92MHz
  • Range 80m
  • 250 million rolling code
  • SAW lock transmitter frequency
  • 12V 27A battery



Universal Receiver 433 MHz ET Door - GE-RCV1

ET-30 Roller Door Openers:


How to Code Transmitter

The operator should be under standby mode when coding remotes. Press ‘SET’ button until the coding
light turns on and the operator is under remote learning mode. Press any one button two times on the remote,
the coding light will extinguish. The remote has been coded successfully. Use the same method to code
multiple remotes. Up to 20 can be stored at any one time.

Deleting remotes:Press the code button over 8 seconds until display shows C, then it will be under
standby mode. All stores remotes are now deleted.

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