Apex Shed Purlin Bracket (Pickup Perth)

11° Roof Pitch is stocked, others are made to order (ETA 1 - 2 days)
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Product Overview

Apex shed purlin brackets (3.0mm BTM) for sale in Perth, WA. Design to suit C150, C200 and C250 gable shed rafters, with standard roof pitches of 11, 15, and 22 (custom pitches available upon request). The brackets are made from galvanised 3.0mm BTM G250 steel.

An apex bracket connects two rafter purlins together at the highest point of a gable shed structure (the apex).

Rafter Purlin Types

  • C100
  • C150
  • C200
  • C250
  • Custom (Available upon request)

Roof Pitch

The default roof pitch that we manufacture is 11 degrees, however, we can manufacture other roof pitches if required. Please contact us if you require a different roof pitch from the standard available.

Standard Roof Pitches

  • 11°
  • 15°
  • 22°
  • Custom (available upon request)


The apex brackets have a BTM (Base Metal Thickness) of 3.0mm, and are bent to provide extra strength (preventing flex).

Please contact us if you would like something different.


The brackets generally require 8 purlin bolts (not included), 4 bolts for each purlin connection.

Pickup from Perth

The brackets can be picked up from our factory, see contact us page for location.

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